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Could It Be Love - TRACK ONLY - A.W.Nardi


"Nouveau", an unusual mix of Light Jazz and Symphonic Sounds was created by A.W.Nardi in 2002. The new genre has been aired in South American, Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA both across the internet and commercial radio broadcasts.  Nardi,  Renaissance" man...plays ALL the instruments sounds you hear in the tracks and records on multiple track analog equipment before mastering. 











Could It Be Love - VOCAL VERSION - A.W.Nardi

Musical Releases by the Composer since 2006

Quotes From The Press and "Nouveau" Fans

 "If Cupid had a signature would be composed by A.W.Nardi.
D.Paine - Republican Newspaper, MA
"A modern day Beethoven...the notes linger in the air, long after they are played and continue to fall softly on the melody line"
S.Stover - North Palm Beach, H.T. News
"Soothing creations of the talented mind and passionate heart of the composer, to a place where these common sounds touch the very depth of your soul!"
A.P. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
"Think of composers such as Yanni or Tim Janis, and you'll have an idea of what Nardi's music is similar to, yet distinct in its own way by creating a romantic, calming and peaceful sound"
K. O'Connor - Sunday Republican News
"Our Operating Room listens to Nardi"
Nurse - Baystate Medical 

"Once in a lucky hear music, so captivating, so wonderfully arranged that you never heard anything like it before...the best musical score I have ever heard"
R.H. - Former Sony Recording Engineer
"Intangible, like the soul of the universe"
A.D. - Palm Beach, Florida 
"Totally enchanting soulful instrumentals"
M.C. - Sao Paulo, Brazil
"You have achieved a sheer romantic sound...stirring emotions as diverse as the individual listener" 
A.P. - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
"The most emotive and romantic music of all time....delighting our ears with a new genre of music...simply sit back and experience it over and over again."
M.H. - Wilbraham, MA

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